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Notorious French gangster Redoine Faid captured months after daring helicopter prison break

October 4, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Notorious French gangster Redoine Faid captured months after daring helicopter prison break

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French gangster Redoine Faid captured months after daring helicopter prison break

Three months following his dramatic helicopter escape from a prison in France, authorities apprehended Redoine Faid, one of France’s most wanted men in a pre-dawn bust Wednesday, after locating the gangster in his hometown north of Paris.

Redoine Faid was taken into custody in Creil without incident, according to French Justice Minister Nicole Belloubet, who also noted that “numerous tips” resulted in his arrest.

She said the criminal — who is notorious in France for escaping prison on two occasions — will be placed in a high-security penitentiary with “extremely tight surveillance” and will be prosecuted for his latest escape.

The 46-year-old, who had a lengthy profession as a serial robber, had become well-known in France after he wrote an autobiography. Before his latest prison break, he was serving a 25-year sentence for the 2010 killing of police officer 26-year-old Aurelie Fouquet in a botched robbery.

Faid broke out of Reau prison on July 1st with the assistance of armed, masked men who took a helicopter pilot hostage, ordered him to land in the prison’s courtyard, used power tools to break through the doors and helped Faid gain freedom.

Prime Minister Edouard Philippe went to see the Judicial Police headquarters in Nanterre, where Faid and others apprehended with him were originally taken, to praise authorities for finding Faid. It was Philippe’s first appearance wearing a double hat after the sudden voluntary departure of Gerard Collomb from his position as interior minister.

Approximately 80 police officers surrounded the small apartment in Creil to carry out the arrests, according to French media.

BFMTV released scenes of the chaotic interior inside the fifth-floor apartment where Faid was busted around 4 a.m. Wednesday, noting that a revolver and automatic pistol were discovered at the scene.

According to the newspaper Le Monde, two men, including Faid’s brother, and a woman were arrested with him.

In late July, French authorities saw Faid in a vehicle and launched a pursuit that came to an end in a shopping center parking lot in Sarcelles, a northern suburb of Paris. Faid and another man left their car and fled. Fake explosives inside and phony license plates added to an increasing stack of clues leading to his apprehension.

Faid had broken out of prison two before — the previous time using explosives concealed in tissues.

Faid told Le Point in 2010 that he discovered how to attack armored vans, his dream, by analyzing scenes from Michael Mann’s 1995 movie “Heat,” about expert bank robbers, which he said he watched 100 times.

Faid said that he met Mann in Paris for the premier of another film and told him “you were my best (professor) … but you messed up my life.”

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