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Mexican tourist city of Puerto Vallarta hit by naked crime wave

October 4, 2018  |  Posted by: Michael Falzarano
Mexican tourist city of Puerto Vallarta hit by naked crime wave

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A group of people have been abducted, stripped and tied butt naked to lampposts in the Mexican resort town of Puerto Vallarta.

Local police officials in the tourist hotspot have confirmed the naked mystery and have opened an investigation into several incidents, but declined to say how many victims were involved.

However, local media have reported at least 10 cases.

According to the New York Post, the victims also had the letter “R” marked on their heads — potentially referring to the Spanish word for “rat,” or thief.

Authorities in Puerto Vallarta suspect it could be a bizarre twist tied to local turf wars between rival drug cartels.

However, law enforcement officials say because the victims are refusing to cooperate with police, it remains difficult to identify the perpetrators.

So far, only one victim has provided information to police, revealing to investigators that he was taken from his home by people unidentified individuals, taken to a farm and beaten before he was stripped down and tied to a lamppost.

Mexico has skyrocketing murder rates due to ongoing violence tied to the drug trade has prompted the U.S. State Department to issue a recent travel alert, warning all citizens to take extra precautionary measures when traveling to several parts of the country.

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