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Gigalo con man accepts plea deal for swindling women out of cash

October 5, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Gigalo con man accepts plea deal for swindling women out of cash Mauricio Palomino (Facebook)

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A debonair con man in New York City accepted a plea agreement that includes serving up to nine years behind bars for defrauding smitten girlfriends out of thousands of dollars and ripping off a client in a construction scheme.

Mauricio Palomino, 45, admitted to taking over $80,000 combined from Staci Krell, Allison Goodman, Debra D’Aquino and Dina D’Angelo between 2012 and 2014, according to court documents

He told Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Ann Scherzer it took time for him to take the offer that his attorney, David Touger, arranged on his behalf, The New York Post reported.

“Him being Jewish and me being Italian, we argue a lot,” Palomino joked in court. “But we have concluded what’s best for all parties.”

He entered a guilty plea to seven counts of grand larceny on two indictments in exchange for three to nine-year perison sentence.

The slick con man confessed to racking up charges on four of his girlfriends’ credit cards and taking cash loans on the promise that he would pay them back, which neglected to do.

“When each victim caught on, the relationship would end, and the defendant would quickly become involved with the next victim,” prosecutor Margot Gendreau stated.

The man got his girlfriend at the time, Chrissy Oakes, to post his bail. She continuously showed up with him in court until he was busted last year on a new scam.

In that case, Palomino falsely declared he was a licensed contractor and presented himself as the CEO of Palomino and Associates, a business specializing in high-end residential and business restorations.

A man gave Palomino $300,000 to renovate his apartment Greenwich Village, but the work was never done.

Prosecutors alleged that the stolen money paid for Palomino’s lavish lifestyle. He spent thousands of dollars on travel, dining, and expensive shopping sprees.

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