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Mexico Authorities: Couple lured, dismembered as many as 20 women

October 13, 2018  |  Posted by: Francesca Falzarano
Mexico Authorities: Couple lured, dismembered as many as 20 women

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Couple arrested in Mexico with stroller filled with body parts

Police in Mexico arrested a man and a woman pushing a stroller allegedly containing human remains. The man reportedly admitted to killing ten women but is believed to have murdered as many as 20 in central Mexico.

Some of the victims were raped and another woman’s two-month-old child was sold.

The Attorney General for Mexico State, Alejandro Gomez, announced the arrests when his agency published footage of authorities escorting a man and woman into a detention center.

Gomez stated that the couple was linked to the slayings after a search of two residences led to the discovery of human remains. The two suspects have been identified only as Juan Carlos “N” and Patricia “N” and are currently in custody at the state prison in Ecatepec.

The arrests took place following a probe into the disappearances of several women in Mexico State.

During an interview aired by Radio Formula, Gomez indicated that the couple lured single mothers with offers of cheap baby clothes and other items.

While Juan Carlos is the one that admitted to sexually assaulting and killing the victims, law enforcement officials believe Patricia helped lure the women and dispose of their remains.

Investigators indicated that they linked three victims to the two suspects and executed a surveillance operation which reportedly led to the discovery of a stroller being used to transport body parts to a vacant lot for disposal. Once arrested, the man brought authorities to another area where he dismembered the women.

The man also confessed that he sold a two-month-old infant belonging to one of the victims. The child was subsequently found and police say they have apprehended the buyer.

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